Heath EnglandGovernment Overview

In view of the current situation brought about by the Covid-19 Virus the Start of Season Party which was to be held on the evening of Saturday 21 March is cancelled and the bar will not be open on the evenings of 18 and 25 March

Members who choose to use the Club as usual will be subject to a strict hygiene protocol as follows:-  

Anyone feeling unwell, especially with Covid-19 symptoms must not attend.

On arrival please take a disinfectant wipe from the container by the front door and thoroughly wipe your hands. Avoid touching anything with unwashed hand. Proceed to the changing rooms, using the wipe to open any doors, and wash your hands, drying them with the hot air drier and/or a paper towel. Drop the used wipe in the bin.

The Bar will be closed and Sunday tea & cakes suspended until the situation becomes clearer.

Tea, coffee etc. may be made as usual. All teaspoons etc. should be used once only and immediately put in the bowl in the sink. All used mugs etc. should be rinsed and then put in the dishwasher for sterilising. NO TEA TOWELS ARE TO BE USED. Mugs etc. should be taken from the storage trays and any other crockery from the Bain Marie.  Any crockery left elsewhere should be assumed to be “dirty” and put in the dishwasher

The use of the hobs, ovens and microwaves is discouraged. However if used, they must be left clean and the doors etc. wiped down afterwards with a disinfectant wipe.

We have obtained a supply of disinfecting wipes and other supplies alluded to above. Please also ensure that surfaces are regularly swabbed down and the dishwasher is emptied. Once the season gets under way further guidance will be provided. We should be in a far better position to provide this in a couple of weeks, but if the Club is to remain open then we will need to consider very carefully the bar and food dispensing protocols.

Covid-19 Proceedure