AQSC Covid-19 Restrictions

1. Members from one household who have their own boat or have adopted a club boat may go to the Club to launch but not into the Clubhouse (except as in 9. Below).

2. Members should make sure that they and their group use the toilet before visiting and carefully wash their hands before coming to the Club and on returning home. Toilet and washing facilities at the Club should NOT be used.

3. Members should bring their own supply of handgel, handwipes and/or spray. All gates should be locked and the locks etc. wiped down afterwards.  If you touch a surface clean it.

4. Members may only use their own or adopted  boat and equipment.

5. Club equipment including boats, buoyancy aids etc. is NOT to be used unless it has been adopted.

6. No safety boat cover is available. (In emergency throw bag and life rings can be used and should be sanitised after use).

7. Children must be closely supervised at all times.

8. Maintain social distancing: keep at least 2 metres away from other individuals or family groups. No socialising with other people, no guests, no unnecessary time on premises.

9. Entry to the Clubhouse is not generally permitted and must be kept to an absolute minimum as this presents the greatest risk. The only permitted entry is the initial removal of personal or adopted sailing equipment and to obtain any necessary keys. All objects, surfaces, handles etc. that you touch must be wiped down afterwards.

10. Necessary sailing equipment can no longer be stored in the Clubhouse. After initial removal we suggest that you keep this equipment at home, in your car or inside your boat. If this presents a problem please contact Nigel Knowles ( with a view to providing storage under the Clubhouse.

11. If for any reason you enter the Clubhouse, follow the safety protocol posted inside carefully and email Graham Thompson ( in case we need to trace you.

12. Inform Graham immediately if you develop any symptoms which might be Covid-19 in the following weeks.

Note that the radio and lights in the Clubhouse have been left on as a security measure and that members designated to keep the Club secure may be present.