The way it will work is that the MC (Alastair) will declare a topic for the round and then call up about 3 or 4 people to have their say for one or 2 minute with perhaps a follow up question and then Alastair will make a decision as to whose gripe wins.

It will work best if participants do a little bit of preparation in advance and I am looking for volunteers thus I have appended a list of general topics which will form the framework of each round .

You are all invited to prepare a harangue, tirade, moan, or gentle complaint on one, or all of the topics below . Your subject matter need not bear more than a tangential affinity to the topic.

Please indicate to me by email  ( a list of the subjects of your room 101 submission on one or preferably all, of the topics with a short summary about your particular grouch. I have included a few guiding suggestions.

Don't go to huge lengths to prepare material as you might not even be called to speak, and if you do one to 2 minute So you can just let it come from the heart (or the spleen).

Roll up now. Set your inner Meldrew free.


Anne Robinson selected the Principality of Wales If you want to vent spleen in a light hearted way about Belgium Bedfont or Borchester so be it. Habits of foreigners may be a rich seam of gold.

There must be some glittering inflated ego that annoys the hell out of you Like Posh Spice or Jimmy Crankie or Max Boyce or even Mother Theresa.

Other peoples annoying habits
My brother used to eat rich tea biscuits in bed by rotating them against his teeth- like a grindstone -the swine

Food and drink
e.g Sheep's eyeballs and pangolin privates

e.g Spitting footballers

e.g  People who object to cyclists going through red lights

I used to have one of these job things and a whole slew of things to complain about.

Open Category
Anything from the entire universe to navel fluff - whatever gets up your nose No holds barred

Alastair Gray

Room 101 Instructions – Alastair Gray