AQSC Web Meeting Guide

We use Zoom software, the leader for video and audio conferencing and chat. You should be able to join a meeting using any device, even a standard phone; a laptop or tablet usually works best.

For those not familiar with web meetings, it involves sitting in front of your PC, tablet, or smart phone with sound and camera (if available) turned on. You see the name of everyone who has joined, with picture if they have a camera, and the person speaking is highlighted. If you don’t have a camera on your computer you can still participate, but most people feel it works best if you can see everyone else. You don't need a Zoom account.

You join a meeting by clicking the meeting link or Running Zoom and entering the meeting ID and password or dial a phone number.

If it is the first time you have used Zoom it will probably down load and you need to run or install it and agree to some actions. You will be asked to enter your name and maybe email address and follow the on screen instructions. You may need to enter the meeting details (ID and password). Write them down because you may not be able to see them when you need to enter them.

Make sure that your sound and camera are turned on and any external devices like microphones or headphones are properly connected. Avoid background noise and lights.

You don’t have to join at the start – and indeed if too many people are present you may wish to drop out and re-join later.