The intent is to make the Club tidy and presentable and prepare for the winter. Below are some of the jobs that need to be done - but feel free to tackle others you are aware of.

1. Erect winter quarters. Paint outside of panels (gloss white). Fit curtains. Clean ceiling, fit lights. N Knowles +2, Alastair, Bob.

2. Creosote Start hut (move away from ballustrade onto dust sheet). Steve,

3. Wire brush then paint pillars between lockers at front of Clubhouse (white masonry paint). Mike.

4. Trim bushes in front of fence between car park and Clubhouse (top to fence height and fence side to provide 2ft wide passage way) (several people). ?.

5. Fill pot holes in drive way (cold lay tarmac). Alastair, Bryan, Bob, Nigel.

6. Rub down/ wire brush then paint metal doors beneath side of quarter deck (white metal paint). Bryan.

7. Clean & store plastic chairs beneath quarter deck. Done.

8. Clean and check BBQ. Di & Phil.

9. Tidy notice board, remove out of date notices; update. Richard.

10. Clean & tidy gents loo. Graham.

11. Check all lights inside & outside and replace bulbs as necessary. Bryan.

12. Remove litter (Including rusty metal) from moorings to car park (side of old Waterman's hut). ?.

13. Trim Leylandi by steps up to top deck. ?.

14. Remove banners at front gate, clean and store. Graham.

15. Clean windows inside and out. Graham, Stuart.

16. Stow scaffold poles in front of Bosuns store (short <9ft on rack behind Bosuns store, long >10ft under sail locker) Done.

17. Empty chiller in bar and check. P Carpenter

18. Fit plastic trim beneath window on Club frontage (10 min job for several people). N Knowles.

Work Party 26 October 2019 Jobs List