Josh Watson-Evans has a video camera that he can sail with and GPS recording watches that record the course of the wearer and he creates videos of races showing a race as a boat view and virtual races speeded up.

Media 2021


03 Oct Very shift and gusty. Video by Josh (4:20).

11 Sep Mid-Thames Trophy at Desborough SC 9 minutes video from leaving AQSC.

16 May Sprint 1 and 2 3 minutes

09 May One video for three races and Virtual races (Josh and Mike B) 07:45.

25 Apr  Sunrise 3 and Spring 3 7 minutes,  Virtual races Sunrise 3, Spring 3 Josh W & Mike B

18 Apr   Sailing 7 Minutes, Virtual race 12:30 Sunrise 2  

4 & 11  Apr  Sailing 4 Minutes  


21 Aug  Turn being lifted outt

25 Aug  First solo sail  

26 Mar 2017  Starting Practice  

15 Jan 2012  Trudi & Frank  

22 May 2011  Open day very windy Laser sailing  

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