Draft Sailing Program January 2021 - July 2021 Subject to Change updated 19Mar2021 Archive

   From 4 April until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted (hopefully on 17 May) there will be SUNDAY AFTERNOON SAILING ONLY with series races at 13.30, 14.30 and 15.30. The patrol boat will be manned from 13.00 and members may sail recreationally and kayak. THE CLUBHOUSE (except for acces to the toilets and sailing kit) WILL BE CLOSED. MEMBERS NOT INTENDING TO SAIL SHOULD NOT VISIT.
    In response to requests for more short races the Sunday first two events may, if conditions are suitable, each be a pair of short back to back races.
    Once Covid restrictions allow (hopefully from 23 May) the usual Sunday program will be resumed with series races at 11.00, 12.00 and 15.30. The 14:00 activity will be Training, a Fun activity, Cruising (TFC) or a Pursuit Race, with emphasis on giving less experienced members a better sailing experience. In addition on the Sunday near to the 1st month between May and September the TFC activity will be supplemented with a Newcomers talk/demonstration at 13:30 aimed at members with modest experience, but suitable for ALL.
    Members needing help with rigging etc. or who wish to crew need to arrive at least 1 hour before the start of an activity.
Sailing Instructons, Road Map to Resuming Activities and Safety Protocol.

 APRIL Afternoon racing only until 23 May
 13:30  14:30  15:30  Notes
Easter Egg Trophy, 3 races, all to count 
Sailing and kayaking is allowed subject to social distancing.
Patrol boat will be manned from 1.00pm.
Attendance limited to those intending to sail/kayak + 2 Duty officers'
The Clubhouse (except toilets) remains closed. No use of changing rooms - Sailors should come ready to sail. No use of kitchen/bar. (i.e no lunches /no teas)

Sunrise 1 Spring 1 SpA 1/Bosun 1
14 Wed
20:00 Zoom meeting to review Covid sailing proceedures and quiz.

Sunrise 2 Spring 2 SpA 2/ Laser 1

Sunrise 3 Spring 3 Sprint 1 & 2
Sunrise 4 Spring 4 Spa 3/ Bosun 2
Sunrise 5 Spring 5 SpA 4/ Laser 2

Sunrise 6 Spring 6 Sprint 3 & 4

Sun 23 May  Full Sunday programme re-commences

Sunrise 7
  Spring 7
Summer 1/Bosun 3 Club open to all members- subject to social distancing. 
Only limited access (2 households) allowed to Clubhouse.
Changing rooms and toilets open.
Face coverings required on deck and in Clubhouse.
Back door and veranda doors kept open for max ventilation.
Limited BBQ lunches & teas served on deck.


Sunrise 8 Spring 8 TFC  Newcomers Patrol Boat
Summer 2/ Laser 3
Sunrise 9 Spring 9 TFC 
Sprint 5, 6
 13 Sunrise 9
Spring 10 TFC Summer 3/Bosun 4

Sunrise 11 Spring 11 TFC Summer 4/Laser 4
 Wed 23 Midsummer day is 24 June
Mid Summer Cruise & pub supper; leave 18:00
Sat 26
Open Weekend 10:30 16:00
In conjunction with RYA Discover Sailing
Open Weekend 10:30 16:00
In conjunction with RYA Discover Sailing 
 04 Open Day Fun Sailing and Racing
Wimbledon tennis (28 Jun-11 July)
 11 Sunrise 12 Spring 12
TFC Summer 5/Bosun 5
Hampton Court flower show (6-11 Jul)