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We are holding a work party on Saturday 30 October from 10.30am to address a range of outstanding maintenance jobs suitable for all shapes and sizes of member. In particular we will be cutting back and removing the bushes and vegetation that are threatening to overwhelm many of the berths.

The intent is to tidy up and prepare for the winter. Below are some of the jobs that need to be done- but feel free to tackle others you are aware of.

NB High Priority jobs in bold

AQSC Work Party Saturday 30 October 2021

The day will end with one of my favourite scratch social events - ranks of hungry members enjoying a natter over a simple meal prepared by Deborah Lea – socially distanced of course.

So please let us know of your intention to come (email, phone 07587594303) , so that Deborah buys in enough ingredients to  generate the traditional minor scrummage for seconds, come down from 10.30am  with work clothes, gloves etc. and put your name against suitable items in Nigel's list of jobs, and work up a healthy appetite.

Jobs for work party

1.  Creosote front and side of Bosuns store (dismantle and store scaffold tower on completion)

2.  Creosote Start hut (move away from balustrade onto dust sheet)

3.  Trim bushes in front of fence between car park and Clubhouse (top to fence height and fence side to provide 2ft wide passage way).  Remove cuttings to car park for chipping (several people)

4.  Remove saplings in bank at car park end (loppers and/or mattock)

5.  Strim bank between Clubhouse and car park (rake up and remove debris to car park)

6.  Chip loose cuttings behind berths 10-3

7.  Strim bank behind berths 10-35

8.  Re-paint wall in ladies loo (white emulsion)

9.  Clean and check BBQ

10. Tidy notice board, remove out of date notices; update.

11. Clean & tidy gents changing room and loo

12. Fit new LCD panel light in gents changing room

13. Clean shower

14. Remove litter (Including rusty metal) from moorings to car park (side of old Waterman's hut)

15. Rub down and varnish handrail for steps to ¼ deck

16. Re-paint green metal handrails

17. Clean windows inside, re-hang curtains as needed.  

18. Clean windows outside

19. Remove overhanging bushes and brambles from drive (loppers needed)

20. Clear gutter at back of Clubhouse, remove vegetation and tidy material outside back of store.  

21. Strim bank behind berths 1-4 and canoe racks

22. Paint doors to lockers 2 & 5 (white gloss)

23. Swap boats on berths 3 & 32 (Grad and Vision) (tyre pump needed)