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 “Oh what a night”…..billed as a night of pampering for the ladies by the gentlemen and it certainly delivered on that score! Our lovable Sea Dogs swapped shorts for 007 style tuxedos – who would have thought they’d scrub up so well?! The ladies in turn were resplendent in their elegant evening attire.

The Clubhouse was transformed into a beautiful dining experience, with rose themed table adornments, scented candles and ambient music. To tantalise the appetite for what was to come, the diners were presented with a glass of fizz and the ladies each received a long-stemmed rose from Rodger. The feast commenced with plates of antipasti, king prawns, dips and artisan bread, all washed down with bottles of complimentary wine.

Ladies Night Extravaganza
18 February 2023 by Erica and Barbara

Following the varied and abundant platters, the diners were treated to delicious slow-cooked beef and chicken served with steaming fresh vegetables - what a treat to be waited on by men in tuxes!

To spice up the evening before dessert, Rodger introduced a musical quiz by playing various pieces of music on the keyboard, each score had an association with either numbers or places.  A cleverly conceived quiz that resulted in a tie but the prize of Thorntons chocolates wasn't limited to just the winners, in the generous spirit of the evening, no one went without.

The final treat was a selection of desserts followed by cheese and biscuits and coffee: by this point, waistbands were buckling under the strain.

The celebration of the ladies continued with a homage to Joan Walkden, thanking her for her outstanding contribution to the Club, around 38 years of continuous service as Treasurer.  Joan was presented with an engraved vase and a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the members showed their appreciation with enthusiastic applause.

Erica then thanked the guys for their endeavours, acknowledging the huge effort involved in the planning, preparation and delivery of a very special evening for the ladies. Clearly all the stops had been pulled out for this wonderful event, primarily thanks to Rodger who was ably assisted by Mike, Peter, John, Nigel and Graham (and no doubt others from behind the scenes).

A thank you should also go to the clean-up crew (Diana and Peter, Nigel, Rodger and the two Mikes) who tackled the evening’s carnage the following day, restoring ship shape order to the Club in time for Sunday tea.

The evening was a tremendous success and without a doubt, the bar has been set extremely high for future events. Our 007 look alikes certainly know how to push the boat out!