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Wed 26 June
Mid-Summer Cruise. The destination is The Weir Hotel at Walton and is located just above Sunbury Lock on the Surrey bank. Departure time from the club for those sailing will be 18:00. Bryan Clements has volunteered to helm the patrol boat and it will depart at 18:30. It can hold about six people, first come first seated.          ________________

Saturday 11 May, Sunday 12 May and Sunday 19 May RYA Discover Sailing Open Days story. At last! The weather gremlins relented! Warm sunshine with a gentle easterly breeze and low current made for good sailing on our Open Days this year. Attendance was disappointing at first but by the final Sunday (19th) the Club was buzzing with visitors and members both on and off the water. It was great to see the variety of boats being used, with the kayaks being particularly popular. Thanks to all who participated and especial thanks to the catering team and duty officers. Nigel Knowles

14 April Rubbish cleared from the bank behind the boat berths and boats moved back to their berths.

13 April Fourteen members attended the Curry Night on Saturday. We were treated to a veritable feast of Indian food supplied by Hampton Spice. The food didn't disappoint. It was tasty and plentiful.

Desert was a master piece made by Jean. A delicious fresh cream, strawberry and blueberry torte. It was beautifully presented and in a way it seemed a shame to cut into it. But cut into it and enjoy it we certainly did.

Diana’s daughter planned a challenging quiz on all things Indian which got the little grey cells thinking and it was great fun trying to answer the questions.

Many thanks to everybody that came and especially Di who cleaned and tidied on Sunday assisted by Sally washing all the cutlery.

See you at the next ‘do’ Diana

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10 Feb The Celebration of the Chinese New Year was the best Chinese style dinner I have had at the club, 14 delicious items on the Menu. Members in the kitchen were working extremely hard.

10 Jan The water is about 300mm over the bank; story. Photos by Rodger Wheeler

03 Jan  The recent very high winds blew 2 boats over; they have been righted and fortunately no damage was done. The water is very close to coming over the bank; it may be wise for any one coming to the club to bring waterproof footware.

01 Jan2024 The 1.5 to 2 knt current and Red Board Warnings at every lock meant that there was no possibility of sailing. But around 20 members enjoyed a lovely 3 course lunch, tea and cakes followed by a Jenga falling blocks game, thanks to Nigel for organising it all.

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