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Monday 9 September The next committee meeting is at 19:30.

On Saturday 14 September at 19:30 there will be a Shakespearian Evening consisting of appropriate oratory, music, food and drink for only £8. Must be booked by Monday 2 September. Details and booking form.


Saturday 10 August Although a terrible weather forecast with extremely strong wind 8 members had a very enjoyable visit to the Sunbury Regatta illuminated sail past and fireworks display; fine and a perfect view. The daytime rowing and punting events had been cancelled for the first time in 142 years.  

On Saturday 20 July there was a super hog roast; story, PDF, Photos.

17July Over 50 AQSC photo albums are in Google Photos which used to be managed by Google Picasa, Picasa Web Albums and Google+; it was very easy to make all albums visible via the Gallery Photo link. Unfortunately Google discontiued these and replaced them by Google Photos and I couldn’t find an easy way to make all albums visible, individual albums can be accessed by links on web pages. Fixes I found have been killed off by Google. After several years I think I have found a way of making them all visible. The Gallery Photo link now displays the “AQSC Photo Albums album, containing links to other albums in the Activity column (Comment); displayed by clicking the “View activity” square icon at top right, or bottom right in a single photo. To view an album click a link not a photo. I am still working on it; some albums may be missing and some links on web pages may not work. If anyone can suggest a better way please let the Webmaster know (01932 786636).

Josh Moloney and Nigel Knowles practise their capsize recovery technique in front of the Club on Sunday 7 July. Conditions were ideal for the capsize practise drill held as one of the regular monthly sessions aimed at improving members general sailing and seamanship skills. Several new members took the opportunity to participate using the 2 man Bosun and in addition Josh Watson-Evans ably demonstrated the “dry-recovery” technique on one of the  club’s Lasers”; video by Josh Watson-Evans.

Photos from events are in Google Photos and stories are in the Stories page

Weather forecast for Hampton  
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Dutyman dutylist

RYA InBrief complements the RYA’s other, member only newsletters, that individual RYA members can sign up to receive as part of their RYA membership. RYA London and South East News. RYA Clubroom

01 May From his house Rodger noticed some suspicious activity in the vacinity of the club. Some youths in an inflatable made off with one of our canoes. Bryan picked Rodger up in our patrol boat and they gave chase. The youths released the canoe and it was recovered. The canoes will be secured by a lock and chain. Please make sure your property is secure.

27 April Salzburg Serenade with Pat Halling and Austrian dinner photos.

On 31 March conditions were excellent for the start of the new season. As forecast there was E to NE 10 to 15 mph wind. There was excellent challenging sailing; there were 5 capsizes.

On 16 March the weather forecast was terrible for the first work Party of the year; some members queried if it would take place. It is usually a mistake to change arrangements because of expected conditions; they were better than forecast and much was achieved; story.

On 02 March the British theme Quiz by Colin Lea was in a variety of of interesting sections. The lovely supper prepared by Diana Carpenter, Deborah Lea and helpers was fitted between the quiz sections.

05 February All Duties have been uploaded to Dutyman and anyone who has been allocated a duty should receive a welcome email with a list of their duties and a link to log them into Dutyman. A week before a duty is due you will receive a reminder email.  

On 25 January there was an excellent Burns Night Supper; Story, Video (4:50 duration)

23 January The 2019 program is on line and the 2019 Wednesday bar duties are in Dutyman; you should receive email duty reminders.

On Tuesday 1 January 2019 There was an excellent start to the year, warm, dry with 5 to 12 mph NW wind. Sailing was much better than was expected. There were 2 races in the morning and one after lunch. Six boats sailed and there were 20 members at the club to enjoy jacket potatoes and various fillings followed by fruit crumble; many thanks to Nigel for the delicious food.

Personal Items

And now a word from our sponsors (i.e. The AQSC Management Committee). Please remove all personal items from the changing rooms at the end of the sailing day. The changing rooms are NOT storage areas and items left there WILL be disposed of. You have been warned!

Also there is far to much in the store room; it is not for storage of personal items that are seldom used and all items left there MUST be identified with the owner name or sail number else it may be disposed of.
Mike Baker

Most people aren’t aware of the dangers of cold water shock. These RYA and RNLI stories highlight the dangers, I suggest you have a look.