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Saturday 13 April  Curry Evening and Quiz at 19:00 for members who have booked.
Mike Baker

14 April  Some of us have been working at the club this week to clear the river bank behind the dinghies. This is the kind of work that we were hoping that the Thames Water contractors would do. Judging by the state of the river yesterday it is unlikely that sailing will be possible on Sunday, but we live in hope. Therefore if you can spare the time we would like as many of you as possible to come down to the club on Sunday and help finish clearing the bank by moving all the cut material to the upstream end of the bank. We can then put the dinghies back on their moorings. Working gloves are essential and bring lopers if you have them.

Hope to see you all on Sunday. Mike Baker

Saturday 20 April  The Mid Thames Trophy inter club event, hosted by Hampton SC this year, is scheduled but all this year there has been over 2 knts current and every Reach of the river has had Red Strong Current Warning Boards, the Environment Agency recommend no craft go afloat. Regrettably but sensibly the event is postponed until later in the year. Hopefully at some stage we will be able to sail again! Nigel Knowles.


10 Feb The Celebration of the Chinese New Year was the best Chinese style dinner I have had at the club, 14 delicious items on the Menu. Members in the kitchen were working extremely hard.

10Jan The water is about 300mm over the bank; story. Photos by Rodger Wheeler

03Jan  The recent very high winds blew 2 boats over; they have been righted and fortunately no damage was done. The water is very close to coming over the bank; it may be wise for any one coming to the club to bring waterproof footware.

01Jan2024 The 1.5 to 2 knt current and Red Board Warnings at every lock meant that there was no possibility of sailing. But around 20 members enjoyed a lovely 3 course lunch, tea and cakes followed by a Jenga falling blocks game, thanks to Nigel for organising it all.

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A history of AQSC 1948 to 2008

20 December 2023 Twelve members had a very enjoyable social evening with seasonal nibbles, thanks to Nigel for setting it up.

10 December The cheats Xmas party was excellent; thanks to Deborah and Colin Lea and others for such a good lunch.

02 December There were 26 members at the AGM and prize giving. There is no change to the Committee. Richard thanks Graham and Nigel for helping him. Richard had evaluated who had won the Trophies and the ranking order which Graham checked. On the night Graham arrannged the trophies and prize glasses to make it easy to present to the winners and presented them; I would have found this very difficult. Nigel incorporated the results in his presentation slides. The evening ended with mulled wine and a lovely buffet.

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