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Annual Dinner - 11 November 2017
Mike Hendra More Photos by Frank Rainsborough

Strictly, what Strictly?

Saturday 11 November saw 32 loyal souls brave a damp chilly Saturday evening to be brightened by a blaze of light and warmed by a gastronomic feast at AQSC.

Once again the Social Committee plus a few more, had organised the annual dinner. Although the food was gormastically prepared by outside caterers, it still fell to a willing few to organise, prepare and clear up afterwards. Some you see and some you don’t so as usual Dianna Carpenter fronted a team of well know willingists whilst Rodger Wheeler laboured over finding, ordering, buying  drinks and serving cocktails.

With Peter Carpenter stricken with the lurgey the invisible face behind the bar was that of Mike Baker. Last but not least, thanks to Helen Barnett for leaping up to remind the assembled company of any thanks or congratulations that may have been forgotten.

I heard no complaints about the dinner except from my belt. My meal was very good and more than sufficient to carry me through breakfast and lunch on Sunday. At £30.00 per head it was a little dearer than the Club’s usual cost of fare but it did enable those who usually give up their time to subsidise food cost at AQSC to have a night off. Thanks again guys!

As the programme for 2018 is now being prepared, I ask that if anyone knows of a venue where one could find an equivalent meal with cocktails and wine for less than £30.00 to please let the Hon Sec know.

Finally Ruth and Anton were uncontroversially voted off Strictly after Alexandra had sizzled with an Argentine Tango controversially choreographed by Vincent Simone.

PS If anyone knows the identity of the strange shadowy figure who ran a carpet on the quarter deck to prevent any dancing on ice on the way out, pleased offer sincerest thanks.