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This year’s Hog Roast was held at the club on Saturday 18 July. Prep started on Friday the 17th with the erection of the marquee over the quarter-deck. This was followed with canvas over the waterfront area where the large rotisserie was located and to cover the serving area.

The hog was pretty large and required a bigger rotisserie than we have had in the past. Even so miss piggy had to be trimmed a little to fit comfortably in the pit.

Roasting started at about 9:30am and carried on right through to early evening. Because of some badly maintained burners retaining the heat within the rotisserie proved challenging but was overcome with the addition of some disposable BBQ’s.

Meanwhile several of the ladies had started preparing the salads and side dishes, no small task. Tables and chairs, some of which were borrowed from our friends at Middle Thames, were set out in the clubhouse and on the quarter deck under the marquee. With the lights turned on the place looked great.

There was just time for the workers to pop home, shower and change and get back before people started arriving. By 7:30pm our waterfront was packed with cruisers from Middle Thames and the car park full to over flowing.

Pete’s bar was doing a roaring business. Pete was assisted by Joan Walken who was serving her ice cool Pimm’s which proved to be very popular.

At just after 8:00pm it was deemed that the hog was ready. It was uncovered and made ready for carving. Nigel, ably assist by his wife Anne undertook this, again no small task. It made carving your average Sunday roast look like a walk in the park.

The members and guests loaded up on salads etc., and then filed past the pit where Nigel served as much hog and crackling as everyone could manage.

While people helped themselves to seconds a delicious selection of desserts were served from the galley followed by coffee in the bar.

The whole evening was a great success and for that thanks go to everybody concerned. To the gang that worked on Friday afternoon putting up the marquee. To Ken and Nigel for collecting the Hog and rotisserie. To the team that worked through Saturday to finish the site prep, cook the hog and prepare all the other foods. Thanks to the Ladies who brought foods to the club having prepared them at home. Thanks to everyone who served food, worked in the bar and helped clean up afterwards. Finally thanks to everybody who came on Sunday to help clean up and take down all the tentage, it was much appreciated.

Mike Baker (VC – Programmes)

Hog Roast 2015

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