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The races Series are well advanced. Increased participation would be appreciated as it currently seems to be contested by the same old faces. Perhaps it would be worth pointing out that the 'personal' and 'boat' handicap system run by Richard ensures that everybody, young, not so young (notice I didn't say the 'O' word) experienced or beginner has an equal chance of scoring points towards the end of season trophies. So get out of bed on Sunday mornings and come sailing. After all that's is partly what you pay your annual subscription for.

On Sunday 30 November - Thanks are due to Jean, Mike, Di and Phil for providing 12 members with a BBQ lunch, tea and cakes. There was no activity on the water but plenty of good chatter; 1knt current and no wind.

On Sunday 16 November around 14 members had a good social gathering. There was a 1 knot current, only 2-4 mph East wind and some light drizzle; not as good as forecast and no one sailed. But Graham and George enjoyed a row up to the weir. Thanks to Di and Phil for manning the BBQ for burgers and Richard was on duty to supply the afternoon cakes.

Sailing Mid 2014