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This event was originally held at Staines SC on on the 31 May but was cancelled due to high  current and little wind; it was impossible to sail upstream.

As it was rescheduled at the much closer Desborough SC. Bryan Clements and Paul Bryan towed four AQSC boats upstream to Desborough on Friday as we still didn't have access to our road trailer park.

On the 13th Liz Archer crewed for David Tregear in the club Bosun. The Lea family crewed two boats which were helmed by Richard Cannon and Rodger Wheeler and Bryan single handed his Graduate. At the end of the day Deborah Lea helped Bryan tow the boats back to Aquarius.

Overall four clubs entered 18 boats into the MTT. The results were:-
1st  Hampton SC
2nd  Desborough SC
3rd  AQSC
4th  Staines SC

Mid Thames Trophy - 13 September 2014