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New Year’s Day dawned without the promised sunshine but at least it stayed dry at AQSC until late afternoon, well after lunch guests had arrived.

Only Nigel Knowles was brave enough to take to the water for a sail in a ESE 8 mph wind and the 1 knt current wasn't much of a problem; he complained of very cold hands and feet. The current was more of a problem for Pat Halling rowing over.

Alex Rayner and sons went for a spin in the patrol boat.

What had once been lunch for 10 swelled to almost 20 so the Hon Sec and Di Howley were kept from the January sales by pots and pans.  Phew! Phew!

Although these ladies did the lion’s share of the work, they were backed by Diana Carpenter who mulled the wine and Pete who ran the bar with Graham’s assistance. Helen also helped in the galley with Bryan and Gordon managing the dishes. Last but not least, St Joan who made the afternoon tea cakes.

For my part I stirred the pot a bit, washed a few glasses and counted the takings.

Over all the day was very pleasant with sufficient numbers to make the effort rewarding and produce a small profit. So thanks to the workers who made it possible and the 22 attendees who made the day worthwhile.

Happy New Year!

Mike Hendra

New Year’s Day 2016