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The synoptic chart for Sunday 4th September showed AQSC on the fringe of a high pressure system that did not offer much hope for a favourable wind on the water and I mentioned this to Jean. Upon arrival at the Club the conditions were very different from my understanding and as it is with wives or wifeletts she made it very clear that my observation about the wind was wrong. Good start!

 The team for the day was Cathy Bridger as OOD, Rachel Holland as her deputy and yours truly on the Patrol Boat. Cathy wanted a testing racing course so we did our best to develop a five buoy slalom, the “Bridger Jibe Challenge”. Much to our surprise our efforts were exactly as we had hoped, although the outcome was more luck than judgement.

Instead of fulfilling her OOD, role Cathy left the donkey work to Rachel and sat on the bank with her camera hoping to catch something of an “Armada” event with multiple casualties floating helplessly down stream. Aside from a certain Baker paying his usual homage to Poseidon, he still streaking ahead but for the rest hand to hand fighting seemed to be the order of the day. The morning race finished on a high note surprisingly without casualties and with few if any complaints about the course.

Sailing Sunday 4 September - Mike Hendra

Following the effort of our faithful Burger Queen, Graham presented the “Newcome’s” talk “Sailing Faster” on his racing techniques. Given the events of the morning the talk was particularly relevant and informative. Thanks Graham!

Post luncheon the course was shortened with the weather mark brought closer to the start line. As the race time was not changed the shorter course required more circuits so even more chance of close hand to hand fighting and thus more pictures of the melee for the evil Cathy. From an observers perspective there was a lot to learn for the closeness of the struggle which also made the events interesting for the clubhouse spectators.

Afternoon tea was a Bridger classic with a sumptuous spread that was supported with some delicious leftovers from the Courtney wedding. No dinner needed this Sunday!

The final race was a repeat of the previous two, exciting and challenging racing all carefully timed by Rachel with Richard beavering away computing results on his netbook.

Even with my diagnosis of Severe Spinal Stenosis I managed the Patrol Boat relatively comfortably so for me it was great day that came together exceptionally well.

Thanks to all who participated!