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Ahoy Aquarians all!

The Easter Sunday sailing was a great success which followed the dodgy start that saw the competing fleet sailing upstream slower than the current flowed down. A recall and restart proved more promising and most were away albeit struggling a little. By burger time all had completed the same number of laps and had finished in time to beat the burger bar’s closing.

The afternoon racing started well but by the second race the easterly zephyr threatened to run out of puff so some judicious race management was necessary to ensure all were finished in time for tea.

By 15:00 the club was groaning with members and creaking with cakes so keeping the two apart whilst Richard stowed his Signet was not easy. Eventually the birthday buoy, sorry boy, appeared and was presented with the usual song and a flaming chocolate birthday cake lovingly cooked by Jean. The bugger also won the day’s racing too and some wondered if the chocolate banquet was some ploy to increase his weight and slow him down.

As OOD I offer thanks to my crew namely the Hon Sec Jean and Rob Britton for their contribution to a very successful day and to all the members who supported our efforts and also cheered Richard into to his eighty first year.

As Jean would say, Muchas gracias!

Mike Hendra

Easter Egg Trophy 2015