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Hog Roast - 16 July 2017
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It was a balmy July evening that added to an overall thoroughly enjoyable Hog Roast event at Aquarius.  Members and guests commenced the evening by accepting Joan Walkden’s invitation to partake of her speciality Pimms and soon the clarinet quartet musicians added their notes to the air that was gently wafting through the marquee.

The marquee had been put up by the brains and brawn of Aquarius gentlemen, led by Nigel Knowles, and it was the beauty of the fairer Aquarius ladies that had prepared the side dishes and desserts that were to be the accompaniment to the hog roast itself, cooked by Nigel Knowles and Mike Baker.

Amongst the many Aquarius ladies and gentlemen who’d been involved in the preparations some names in particular should be mentioned, Di Howley, Diana Carpenter and Mike Baker, and I know that there are others, you know who you are, and so do we!

A significant contingent from the Middle Thames Yacht Club came to support the event and Mo Roberts gave a heartfelt speech of thanks for the the host club, and for its part the Aquarius Sailing Club was pleased to have the MTYC guests.

Importantly, all are thanked for attending and making the event a success and finally, the photographer thinks that he caught everybody, he hopes that you like the images!