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Photos Pumkin supplied by Deborah Lea

On 1st November over 20 people came along to watch the Apps Court Farm fireworks from the AQSC deck and to partake of soup and vittals.

At 8.00 (the time advertised) we duly trooped out to watch the marvellous display – only to find nothing happening! We therefore trooped back in again to get warm.  However, at about 8.30 things did start to happen and so we all trooped back out again!

 The display was excellent, augmented by sparklers kindly brought along by Debbie (as also was a very fine carved pumpkin which was lit up to provide a suitably spooky entrance to the Clubhouse).  

Standing about outside it was noticeable that the temperature was dropping, so a steady drift back into the Clubhouse commenced.  

We were greeted with the promised vittals (hot soup and sausage and onions in a bun) provided by Diana, Ken and Linda with Peter in the bar; great!! We had a very enjoyable and convivial evening greatly helped by the AQSC catering team. Thank you all.

Leo bond

Fireworks Party 2014