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Hog Roast Time Again
Or How to Hide a Pig on a Spit
Kevin Lavery

We were looking forward to a gastronomic blow out but what we didn't expect was the wind literally blowing out the flames on the hog roaster.

As Bob Dylan once said: 'The answer my friend is blowing in the wind'?

But the clever chefs Nigel and Mike saved the day by moving the spit into a storage area under the quarterdeck. Nice move guys, you've discovered another place to hide a pig.

Meanwhile Mike H and Peter C were working on the bar with some Sam Malone type aplomb. Are you sure you chaps haven't been watching re-runs of Cheers?

And Joan W supplied the real strength Pimms again - not the watered down stuff they sell at Hampton Court Flower Show for £8 a pop.

Panic over, the fabulous cooked hog was delivered on time with cracking crackling.

Diana C and Jean M (other ladies I may have missed out?) dished out some sumptuous accompaniments to the pork and provided an array of delicious desserts. A fabulous feast.

The fantastic musical quartet played everything from Bach to Beatles - something for everyone.

When they are received there will be more photos on Google Photos.