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Annual Dinner - 10 December 2017
Kevin Lavery More Photos by Frank Rainsborough

A little rhyme in praise of the Cheats Christmas lunch, with a little help from a famous Perry Como song.

“It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go
Take a look in Aquarius down by the Thames
Their Christmas lunch was the place to go”

Lots of jingle, loads of bells
Members and guests were a bunch of swells.

Pigs in blankets, stuffing galore
This lunch had some crying for more

Christmas pud and super pies
What a feast for festive eyes

Getting into the spirit - donning a silly hat
You couldn’t help but chat, chat, chat

Pulling a cracker telling a joke
Well some were funny – others were nope

Whiskey galore and plenty of wine
The afternoon went – well, just fine

Fancy some questions, time for a quiz
Some were tricky, the winners were whiz

Calling the Bingo – all eyes down
This had to be the best ‘Housey’ in town

Blocks on the bar in a tower became
The dreaded Jenga tumbling game

A steady hand and nerves of steel
You need to keep it on an even keel

Reaching for the top could be rash
Which means you’ll end up with a crash

“It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
The Cheats Christmas lunch starts
And the joy that will bring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your hearts”

Apologies to Perry Como and Meredith Willson

Many, many thanks to Deborah Lea, Colin Lea and Diana Carpenter- Lunch.
Peter (cocktail) Carpenter – Bar.
Colin (mastermind) Lea – Quiz
Stuart (doctor’s orders) Schafer - Bingo
Nigel (the tie) Knowles – Jenga game (and carving)
Frank (the snapper) Rainsborough - Photos
And the rest of the cast of helpers.


Frank the snapper


Colin       Nigel    Diana      Di      Deborah

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