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All aboard for the Hog Roast - 9 July 2016
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HMS Aquarius – Quarterdeck 19.30

Vegetarians – look away now

Hog Roast – sans head. Nigel and Mike didn’t say exactly where the head went but the hog was English. I understand last year’s hog was Belgian and a bit slimmer.

Whatever the provenance it was absolutely delicious, having been cooked lovingly for 10+ hours by ship’s chefs Nigel and Mike. Did you taste the crackling? Yummy!

And what about the accompaniments? Classy Couscous, wonderful Waldorf salad – best I’ve tasted outside the US - lots of super salads, tomatoes, rice and corn – all made and served by the fabulous female crew.

The bar was run with elegant aplomb by Joan and Peter – who’d obviously been watching a re-run of Tom Cruise’s Cocktail. Pimms at two quid, this is definitely a duty free voyage.

Before we docked and disembarked, the crew in the galley had some serious washing up to do but got it done in record time. It’s amazing how effective a few lashes can be in a tight galley.

Dead ahead - Homeward