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Some twenty-three members turned up for work party. While the ladies got stuck into putting the galley to rights, scrubbing it from top to bottom and sorting out the crockery the men pitched into a variety of external jobs. But before all this, the day started with coffee, tea and buttered crumpets! Got to keep the workers happy.

The first thing to be done was to erect the 'conservatory' on the club end of the quarterdeck to protect the entrance over the winter and to provide extra enclosed space. While that was happening a box was installed down at the front gate to house the new entry phone. New timbers were installed along the water front just in front of the Laser berths.

Undergrowth behind the club and along the river bank was strimmed and cleared and the trees along the Sunnyside reservoir bank were cropped and tidied up. Work was also done to tidy up the brick and timber work along the front of the club. While all this was going on the safety boat engine was serviced and the oil changed.

Somewhere around midday the ladies appeared on the quarterdeck with coffee, tea, doughnuts and cakes to keep things ticking along.

Lunch being prepared by Pat, Diana and DeborahThe groundwork continued well into the afternoon until, at around 4:15pm lunch was served. Diana and her team including Deborah, Pat and Helen produced a chicken casserole with a variety of vegetables and absolutely huge baked potatoes with cheese  or baked beans for those of the veggie persuasion.

Thanks go to the aforementioned ladies plus Melek, Andrzej, Basia, Kasper, Lawrie, George, Bryan, Pete, Graham, Mike H, Mike B, Richard, Colin, Don, Frank, Nigel, Alice, Pat H, Liz and Stuart for a sterling day's work. Thanks to you the club is now in far better shape for the coming winter and end of year social events.

We have huge volume of cuttings to burn at the fireworks social on Saturday 1 November.

Work Party on Saturday 25 October 2014