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The purpose of the work is to provide an emergency 'dump' facility should reservoirs in the area ever need to be quickly drained down. Our site is one of five being worked on with similar capabilities.

Rafferty Fox of Optimise, the company carrying out the works for Thames Water next to AQSC, met the Committee and explained what they expect to be doing over the next 2-3 months.  He assured us that the works will finally be finished over the next two months, and apologised for the delays.  He also assured us that the car park will be fully reinstated by the end of the job, and the site cleared.  

As part of the work the outfall sluice will be emptied, cleaned out and extensively modified to allow connection of the pipes which have already be laid, which will entail the use of pumps 24hrs/day.  He hoped that the noise will be minimal whilst the pumps are working.  

Once the work is finished and tested, Thames Water will have the responsibility of commissioning the work. Meanwhile Rafferty said that if any trailers are required in or out of the trailer park his on-site team would be happy to assist effectively using there large excavator as a crane.

Update On Thames Water Work Adjacent To Our Car Park