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Work Party 16 March 2019

Jobs List

1. Dismantle winter quarters (put lights and curtains in boxes in storeroom, leave panels on ¼ deck , carpet rolled onto cardboard tube & wrapped in tarp)

2. Creosote front of  Bosun’s store and front of  Clubhouse store (creosote and brushes etc on floor of Bosun’s store)

3. Re-fix wire rope supporting tyres downstream of ramp and fit new tyres as required. (wire rope etc on floor in Bosuns store thread wire thru tyres first)

4. Retrieve plastic chairs from locker beneath quarter deck, clean and put on ¼ deck.

5. Clean and check BBQ put on ¼ deck

6. Tidy notice board, remove out of date notices; update.

7. Clean & tidy gents loo

8. Tidy trailer park

9. Jet wash/ clean Club lasers and picos

10. Remove litter (Including rusty metal) from moorings to car park (side of old Waterman’s hut)

11. Rub down and varnish handrail on steps to ¼ deck (materials on table in Club room)

12. Put up 2 banners at front gate

13. Make and fit new top to intercom box at front gate

14. Check curtains in Clubroom and rehang as necessary. Clean windows inside and out

15. Remove soil etc from drainage channel behind Club store

16. Move scaffold boards above top deck to frame behind  store

17. Move metal grills etc to behind Bosun’s store (DO NOT REST AGAINST WALL)

18. Adjust start hut door

19. Adjust Bosun’s store door